In a nutshell

I am currently the NLP Lab Manager at Laboratorio Sperimentale, a research lab set up at LILEC, University of Bologna and equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software for experimental, computational and applied research in the fields of linguistics, translation and cultural studies. The current Scientific Coordinator of the Lab is prof. Francesca Masini.

Before this, I got my PhD at CIMeC - University of Trento, under the supervision of Aurélie Herbelot.

My research interests are Computational Construction Grammars, Cognitive Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

On the side, I am studying to become Italian Sign Language (LIS) interpreter and I would very much like to bring this interest of mine into my research as well.

Everything in life is a work-in-progress, this place especially.

Education and Experience


NLP Lab Manager

LILEC - University of Bologna

Jun 2023 – Present Bologna

PhD in Cognitive and Brain Sciences

CIMeC - University of Trento

Nov 2018 – May 2023 Rovereto
  • During my PhD I focused on developing a paradigm to evaluate Neural Language Models in a constructionist perspective.

  • Final thesis: CALaMo: a Construsctionist perspective on the Analysis of linguistic behaviour of Language Models
    Advisor: Aurélie Herbelot


Master in Digital Humanities - Language Technologies

University of Pisa

Jul 2016 – Oct 2018 Pisa

Bachelor in Digital Humanities

University of Pisa

Oct 2013 – Jul 2016 Pisa


  • Via Cartoleria, 5, Bologna (BO), 40124, Italy
  • Second floor, Lab 67
  • Telegram Me