Dec 2023: Reviewing for LREC-COLING 2024

Dec 2023: I gave a tutorial (6 lectures) on Distributional Semantics and Distributional Semantics Models within the master course held by prof. Francesca Masini. Materials can be found here: code, notebooks and slides

6 Dec 2023: I gave a lecture about Computational Linguistics Applications in the Italian landscape within the bachelor course held by prof. Silvia Ballarè. Materials can be found here

Aug-Sep 2023: Reviewing for Constructions and Frames

17 May 2023: I’ve finally defended my PhD Thesis and graduated from University of Trento!

Mar 2023: I’ve been to CxGs+NLP, the first international workshop on Construction Grammars and NLP at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Sep 2022: I went to ASPP2022 - Advanced Scientific Programming in Python Summer School - in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. It’s been an extraordinary experience which I recommend to any PhD student or researcher that wants to take their programming expertise up a notch. Moreover, one of the very few truly inclusive and welcoming human environments I’ve encountered in academia.

Jul 2022: Reviewing for COLING2022

Jun 2022: A new book is out! This is the result of an amazing collaboration with Malvina Nissim

Mar 2022: Our latest paper is out!

Oct-Nov 2021: I gave an introductory Python for humanities course at University of Bologna. Materials can be found here.

Jun 2021: Volunteering for NAACL2021

May 2021: Reviewing for Postgraduate Research Symposium on Linguistics, Language, and Speech (PRSLLS)

18-22 May 2021: I’ve been attending the ST[r]EAM Creator masterclass series organized by Festival della Scienza

Apr 2021: Reviewing (ethics) for ACL-IJCNLP 2021

Mar-Apr 2021: I’ve been following the amazing course by Elizabeth Traugott on Language Change in a Constructionist perspective. Many thanks to ABRALIN for this amazing opportunity!

23 Mar 2021 - Year3@CIMeC: I gave a short online presentation about the progress of my work here.

Mar 2021: Reviewing for IWCS 2021 and CMCL 2021

Jan 2021: Reviewing for EACL 2021 - SRW

18 Dec 2020: I’ve presented the current state of my PhD work at CIMeC’s BrownBag Meetings. Here are the slides I used during the presentation.

Dec 2020 - Jan 2021: I’m co-organizing the 2021 CIMeC Doctoral Student Day. flyer

16-20 Nov 2020: EMNLP and CoNLL are happening this week! During CoNLL session 5 on Friday 20th I’ll be available to answer questions and have a chat about our paper Recurrent babbling: evaluating the acquisition of grammar from limited input data

Oct 2020: Reviewing for DANKMEMES2020

Aug 2020: Reviewing for COLING2020

3 Jul 2020: Along with Malvina Nissim, I wrote a dissemination article about what is Computational Linguistics. The piece is in italian, hosted on a website created by Nicola Grandi, Nicole Marinaro, Francesca Masini e Alex Piovan.

18 May 2020: Along with Alessandro Lenci, I gave a short presentation during the online GeCKo workshop

16 May 2020: LREC proceedings are out and so is our paper. The code is also available.

26 Apr 2020 - Year2@CIMeC: I gave a short online presentation about the progress of my work here.

Mar 2020: Reviewing for LiNCR 2020

20-22 Nov 2019: I’ve been to CONTEXT 2019, in Trento

20 Nov 2019: I gave a short presentation about my master thesis during the Computational Linguistics course taught by Raffaella Bernardi, [slides]

14 Nov 2019: I’ve been awarded the AILC Master Thesis Prize and gave a presentation about my master thesis during CLiC-it, [slides]

13-15 Nov 2019: I’ve been to CLiC-it 2019, the Sixth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, in Bari

End of Year1@CIMeC: A summary of what I’ve been looking at during first year can be found in a report I’ve written for the Machine Learning for NLP course, a report written for the Ethics of Research in Neuroscience course and the final year research report + slides

Aug 2019: Reviewing for CLiC-it 2019

2-4 May 2019: I’ve been to CAOs 2019, in Rovereto

11-12 Feb 2019: I’ve been to Giornate SSSL 2019, in Rovereto

Feb 2019: reviewing for IWCS 2019

12 Dec 2018: I presented our paper MEDEA: Merging Event knowledge and Distributional vEctor Addition at CLiC-it and it was shortlisted for the Best paper award, [slides]

10-12 Dec 2018: I’ve been to CLiC-it 2018, the Fifth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, in Torino

11 Oct 2018: I’ve graduted from master, [slides]

6-17 Aug 2018: I’ve been at the 30th edition of ESSLLI (European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information) in Sofia. Here’s a list of the courses I took: Advanced Regression Methods for Linguistics, Computational Models of Events, Multiword Expressions in a Nutshell, Probabilistic Modeling and Bayesian Data Analysis in Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics, Word Vector Space Specialisation

12 Dec 2017: Lavinia presented our paper AHyDA: Automatic Hypernym Detection with feature Augmentation at CLiC-it and got the Best paper award, [slides]

11-13 Dec 2017: I’ve been to CLiC-it 2017, the Fourth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, in Rome

19-20 Oct 2017: I’ve been at the BUILDING CATEGORIES IN INTERACTION workshop, in Bologna

9 Jun 2017: I’ve been at the Linking Data, Ontologies and Distributional Models for the Representation of Lexical Meaning in Florence

13-17 Jan 2017: I’ve been at the TRIPLE Winter School in Rome

5-6 Dec 2016: I’ve been to CLiC-it 2016, the Third Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, in Naples

24-26 Nov 2016: I’ve been to AISC in Torino

9-10 Dec 2014: I’ve been to CLiC-it, the First Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, in Pisa